Saturday, December 22, 2007

On a Totally Unrelated Note

Bailey's is delicious.

Paul Maguire makes me want to stab out my eardrums with a sharpened pencil when he's on the broadcast. God, he's awful. We've had him, Dave Barnett, and Pam Ward all in one day. Ugh. Get me a job in the booth!! Sadly, I curse too much.

I really hate the son of a bitch from the Astrive Student Loan commercials. "It's a better option than a high interest credit card!" No shit asshole. Thanks for the PSA.

Bob Griese - "No booze, no tobacco, no gambling, no sex...Maguire could never go to BYU, let me tell you that." I CAN'T BELIEVE HE JUST SAID THAT ON THE AIR!!! And Maguire agreed with him!

Return Of The.....Bowdens?

Interesting indeed.

Let's Get To Work People

RR said WVU isn't a national program, but our fans don't see it that way. The stream of phone calls and emails is working, but it can't stop now.

Courtesy of dreameer, on the WVU Scout Board:

chapter 11 The rise of Fan

All is quiet on the west virginia front
but don't be fooled by the kings punt

the real heros of the gridiron are home in bed
scattered home to family quickly they fled

but the slaves of benjimans are not asleep
the old blood line tentacles do run deep

plotting and planning at this moment for their win
hoping the fan is taking a real long weekend

the common mans entry into the battle has caused a scene
the fractures are widening between the court and the king

just when an ally is given the word
the bond is broken by a new one heard

we have been called out in the battle of our cause
why are you creating a riot, inciting a mob

it isn't our intent to tell them how to do their job
we just want it done right, not look like a slob

call the system ole boys, mafia, or down right incestious
we just want what's right, what's best for us

our ire is with the short list for the next leader we will love
one is friend of the king, the other a friend of the gov

both are righteous and may be coronated still
the fans want all to apply and you have tested our will

the grassroots campaign has had its impact
the king must walk easy and that is a fact

the king and his court are sleepless and nervous
they know they can no longer get by with just simple lip service

we don't like your dog and pony plan
we want you out there scouring the land

a phone call interview is classless and a disgrace
we want you out there meeting face to face

the prince of change is weakening and losing power
this is a call to arms, this is the hour

wake up the neighbors rattle the cages
this battle for change is one for the ages

everyone must dig deep down, it must come from the heart
only you can create change, you must do your part

this is working folks, they are hearing the soul of the common man
this is epic, this is the rise of
Fan 304-293-6271 304-293-2821 304-293-5621 304-293-5531 304-558-2000 BOG secretary. members are on the search committee. Stephen Goodwin and Robert Wells(chairmen)

Mike Parsons? student president for the locksley fans

Phone calls and emails are working. Make sure they stay polite though, these are good people.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Local TV in WV is reporting Jimbo Fisher may have been offered the position. Numerous idiots on the WVU Scout and Rivals message boards are claiming the same. This could be interesting.

What's A Guy Got To Do To Get Mike Locksley At WVU?!?!?!

This is the man for the job. Argue against it, fine, but I'm not buying it. I want Mike Locksley (scroll down that page for info). Or Chris Peterson, or Chip Kelly, or Mike Bellotti, or Pete Carroll. Sadly, it's unlikely that any of these will happen. Shit.

Locksley, though, I think we can get. He's an offensive coordinator that wants a head job, he's contacted WVU, and he's from Washington DC. I wish it were realistic.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


There is a plane coming in either tonight or tomorrow with Terry Bowden on board. A second interview will follow his arrival.

Goddamit, I WANT MIKE LOCKSLEY!!!11!! (photo above)

Rich, You Sneaky Fucking Bastard

Check this out. I'm linking you to Lend Me Your EERS, where he summarizes the discussion of tracking the UM planes when they came to see RR. They show up MUCH earlier than originally thought, and at VERY disturbing times. It might help explain some things, like the Atrocity of Which I Shall Never Speak.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wait. What? WTF Is Happening Here?!?!

We've gone from like 2 semi-crappy choices to people I really want!!!

Is this real? It certainly looks it if you don't pay attention to the University of West Virginia thing. I haven't even heard this name mentioned, but I would be so f'ing happy. I LOVE THE FAT MAN!!!

UPDATE: It is now being called a hoax. That is hilarious!

Sweet Lord

A reputable source has informed us that Chris Peterson of Boise State Fiesta Bowl fame has expressed interest in the WVU job. That makes me want to prance around all nimbly bimbly.

You're A Daisy If You Do

Well, he can recruit, he'll likely bring Trickett back, and I can take signs that say "I'm your huckleberry". As long as he calls more than 4 plays total, I'm all for it!!

Welcome home Doc Holliday!!

WV Doesn't Fuck Around

Knock it off you son of a bitch.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rodriguez Finally Acts Like An Adult and Moves Buyout Up To Midnight Tonight


It's looking like Doc Holliday and Rick Trickett are coming home.

My Thoughts On The PPG Article

Read it here.

I know this came out this morning and has probably made all the rounds at this point, but some of us have real jobs to deal with. Let me start out by saying I don't know how much of this I take at face value. Currently, the RRod side of the story is the only one being heard.
The major point of this is that the AD only had to agree to some trivial bullshit to get RR to stay. The demands listed are indeed trivial, and shouldn't have been that big a deal to the AD. That being said, shouldn't they have been equally as trivial to Rich?
Do we really believe that RR would leave over shit like free parking for high school coaches? If that side can claim that the dispute is so childish that there's no reason for those requests to be denied, can the other side not claim that they aren't worth leaving over? I mean, let's be serious about this.
Rich Rod is using this garbage as a means to get out of the buyout. He is doing anything and everything he can to make it null and void. That's why he put the January 3 date on his resignation. That's why he's airing grievances against supposed "broken promises". He doesn't want to pay for leaving, and making the AD look like it screwed him is his only option.
So let's look at it another way. If Rich is the victim here of a power play, why is he trying to destroy WVU football on his way out? Filing a suit to get out of the buyout, leaving before a BCS game, contacting WVU recruits, badmouthing WVU...are these things a person does to a place they claim to love? Actually, yes, and I'll explain here in a minute.
No matter what explanation he gives for leaving, realize this. Rich Rodriguez is now trying to destroy WVU football, and that makes him no victim in my book. He has proven now that he's the asshole many of us thought he was. He has finally pushed his "WVU is the stepping stone" routine too many times, and now wants to break free with no repercussions, while killing our program at the same time.
As for the donors mentioned, well, to each their own. It's rumored that most of the guys in question are RR donors first, and WVU donors second. There's another group out there that supports WVU in this clusterfuck, and they have not been heard from at this point. Neither has the AD. So before everybody stands up for that sneaky bastard, let's get the other side of this story. And it is next.

Read the response from the WVU Board of Governors here. This shit is going to get ugly, and it's not going to be over soon.

I hope Michigan truly realizes what they've "won". His remarks say he's happy to be there and that he came because he loves what Michigan has to offer. His actions say he's a bitter, scorned lover and wishes he hadn't cheated. He really reminds me of a guy who is now dating the mistress fulltime, but can't get over the one he truly loved. The guy who fucked around and treated her like shit, and ultimately got told to fuck off. In that situation, what's the guy's next reaction? Bitterness, anger, and nasty, nasty bullshit. In other words, exactly the situation we're going to have right now.
Rich, you have fucked up with your little poker game, and I hope you enjoy second-guessing yourself from here on out. WVU is currently in the process of suing for full custody, child support, and burning all your possessions. And without Patrick White, you will be exposed for the mediocre egomaniac that you are. Enjoy Wolverines, enjoy.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Alright, This Could Be A Bit Excessive

But it's still fun. In a really terrifying sort of way. Good lord.

And watch the volume if the kids are around. It gets very ugly.

Apparently the Saban Thing Is Still Just a Rumor

According to WVU Rivals site.

Not that I'd count on the WV governor's office for solid information.

Open Letter To Rich Rodriguez

From We Must Ignite This Couch. Brilliant work here.

If You Don't Get It, You Haven't Been Paying Enough Attention

Former Alabama coach Paul William "Bear" Bryant, under whose shadow Saban suffers as a coach, said this is an ideal move for Saban.

"I think it's a great, great, great opportunity for him," Bryant, who coached at Alabama from 1958-82, said in a telephone interview Monday afternoon. "I think it's tremendous. There are very few West Virginias. When you coach at Alabama, you walk on water in Alabama. At least the non-Auburn portions. But when you coach at West Virginia, you walk on water, period. There's a difference. Some people around here don't want to believe that."

Saban reportedly spent several hours Sunday meeting with Garrison and Pastilong to discuss the vacancy, sources close to the West Virginia search confirmed.

Saban, however, refused to address the speculation regarding that meeting during a Monday morning news conference to discuss Alabama's Bowl preparations.

Bryant said he met with Saban Sunday evening and offered his advice regarding the job opportunity.

"I thought it would be great for him," said Bryant, an Alabama legend. "These opportunities don't come around very often. Nick has found a place that's just special. If you're a football coach, it's a dream come true. I'm certainly not belittling Alabama. It's just different at West Virginia."

Any Bammers Out There, Enjoy

Saban, LOL. That would be sweet justice indeed.

Saban? For Real?

Charley West over at West BY GOD Virginia has stirred up the hornets with this one. I love it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rich, You Son Of A Bitch

Check this out. His resignation is effective January 3, 2008. This happens to be 1 day after the Fiesta Bowl. So what's the point?

Rich wants to coach the Fiesta Bowl, or at least he wants WVU to think so. If we don't let him, it might mean WVU breaches the contract before he does. Thus, he won't have to pay the buyout. What a cocksucker he is.

My Take On RR To Michigan

If you've ever read this blog at all, you know I think Rich Rodriguez is a terrible coach. Does he have a nice offensive scheme? Sure. His only problem is making it work against good teams, or without Pat White.

Rich's success can be correlated 100% with the emergence of Patrick White as the WVU starting QB. Without White, we were perennially an 8-4 to 9-3 sort of squad. With Patrick, we are much, much better. Why is this one might wonder. Well, I'll tell you why. That's what I'm here for, dammit.

Rich Rodriguez is a fucking egomaniac who cannot prepare his team or call a game. It is physically impossible for him to come up with imaginative plays or make adjustments. In short, he's an idiot. We run 7 plays, and 5 of them are bubble screens. The other two are the "wildly inaccurate bomb" and "run fast somewhere they ain't". His only clutch playcall is known as "Patrick, please do something!", and Pat comes up with that one by himself.

Let's face it. WVU is the same team that was going 8-4 or 9-3, but we have a QB who can get out of almost anything. Virtually every single big play we have is a broken play. Thank you Patrick, you are fucking sweet. Fuck you Rich, you fucking suck.

Everyone also wants to discuss his 3 10-win seasons in a row. These coincide with not only Pat's presence, but also the added 12th game. In reality, we are still almost always a 2 loss team, with our 10th win coming from some garbage OOC game. 9-win seasons are nice, but not nearly as impressive as the old 10-win variety. So let's not get our panties in a bunch over the 10 win thing. He gets 10 wins by default. We play no one, I'm not even going to bother defending that statement (you know it and I know it), have an extra game, and have much better players than most everyone we play. We also don't play Miami, BC, or VT anymore (yes, it does make a difference).

And let's not credit RR too much with the recruiting either. First of all, it's not that great. We get a couple great players, but not many. Secondly, he doesn't do much of it. Props to Magee, et al. for that. Rich is not responsible for players coming to WVU. He's too much of a stupid dick to be a good recruiter.

We also never talk about all the chokes. 2004 BC and Pitt, 2005 (VT? Nah, they were better than us) but almost the Sugar Bowl, 2006 UL and USF, 2007 USF and the Atrocity of Which I Shall Never Speak. Rich has ALWAYS lost games he shouldn't. Why? Poor preparation, no adjustments, and blaming the players for the losses. SURPRISE!! He's an egomaniac.

With the talent this team has, a monkey could win 10 games a year. Only poor preparation and playcalling can keep us from losing only 1 game. And guess what...Rich is a poor at preparation, attrocious at playcalling, and incapable of adjusting. He also blames players for EVERY SINGLE LOSS!! He's an egomaniac.

Fear not Mountaineer fans, we've been better than we are now, and we'll be better again. RR has been holding us back. Did he rebuild the program a bit? Sure, I'll credit him for that. But let's not forget that we were only down at the tail end of Nehlen's career. All RR did is get us back to where we already were. We have a lousy schedule and nothing to show for it. Why? Because Rich is terrible at preparing a team, can't call decent fucking plays, won't make adjustments,and blames players for losses. He's an egomaniac.

Next year the OOC improves, and hopefully, so will our coaching. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Let's get back on the right track, and thank Michigan for taking this stubborn, idiotic asshat off our hands. They helped us upgrade in basketball, and are giving us the chance to upgrade in football. Let's not blow this. NO TERRY BOWDEN!!

So remember kids, don't fret. Rejoice!! We are now Rodriguez-free! We may struggle some with the transition (see Louisville), but we might not (see Cincinnati). I, for one, am more than willing to take the gamble.

Let's go Mountaineers!!

RR Leaving For Michigan

For an extra 2.5 million over 5 years. Actually, it's moreso because he doesn't like a person or people in the athletic department. Bye Rich, don't let the door hit you...