Wednesday, January 16, 2008


If anybody has the source for this pic, let me know please. I got it by email, and have no idea where it actually came from.

Michigan's Pre-Game Pep Talk

Maybe THIS will help them beat Ohio State. Sadly, it would sink them against Pitt. I mean, hell, it's even got the egomaniacal carpet rollout and claim of parenthood. FYI, I think that's Tony Gibson pulling back Rich's cape there, but I could be mistaken.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Innovator of the Shred Offense

Courtesy of JoeBlowFan on the WVU Scout Message Board.

"I Think She's Actually Hurt There"

Solid commentary at the end. Love it.

Well, Well, Well, I Always Knew You Were An Asshole

Destroying all of the football files is a real prick move. It also makes me wonder if there was something to hide. I don't know, and I'd hate to think so, but you never know. I think this is more a case of DickFraud trying to hamper the program in any way he can. If we begin to struggle, he thinks it proves to the nation that he WAS WVU football. Personally, I think this is just one more act of his egomaniacal delusions.

Also, I feel safe to reopen my comments section after being deluged with some terrible namecalling in reference to Bill Stewart. Sadly, though, they now have to be moderated. So, whoever you bonehead(s) are, thanks.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Steve Slaton

Thanks Steve! Good luck in the NFL.

Super Steve, We Will Miss You

Slaton's father says he is going to the NFL. I don't know what his future will entail, but I certainly wish him the best. SS has done a hell of a lot for this program, and I know we all appreciate that. #10, you will be missed.

Statement On Taaffe From Hamilton Tiger-Cats

And THIS is why I don't try to be a news source. Link. Well, that and the fact that I don't really know any people that know anything.

Add me to the growing list of individuals who has been played by bad information. Perhaps even the target of an imposter?

Further Enjoyment

Good stuff here.

Alright, Let's Get Back to Normal Around Here

This is the type of thing this blog is all about.