Saturday, October 27, 2007

In Morgantown

I will be in Motown for the weekend, and I'll get caught up when I return to Columbus.

Let's go Mountaineers!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Devastation Make-Up

Alright. Real life kept me out a little later than planned (or a lot later). Anyway, I'm going to let Every Day Should Be Saturday do some of my work for me. You must watch the whole thing with the sound on. I promise it will not disappoint.

Traitor Bowl 2007


I tell you what. That is football weather in Blacksburg people!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do You Like the Gold Jerseys?

Let me know in the comments. I love the things, I just wish they were closer to the color of the stripe on the pants. But whatever, I think they're cool.

(all pics courtesy of


This is funny, or just downright mean. Whatever.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Courtesy of Our Friends at West BY GOD Virginia

Thanks to the fellas for linking this video highlight of the Mississippi State beatdown.

I have a couple of quick observations after seeing the game in person and watching this video. Steve Slaton is much more of a pro-style back than he was in the past. He makes more conservative jukes, though they're still sweet, and he runs with more power. He also is more likely to get out of bounds than before. He's still incredible, but he's smarter about injury, and less likely to bust the big one because of it. I'm not saying that's a bad thing either.

Our defense swarms to the ball, plays their assignments, and hits hard. They cause turnovers, and have cut way down on the big play. All in all I'm very, very impressed, and extremely happy. Our #4 defensive ranking might be a bit high, but we are certainly more than just legitimate.

Tuesday in the Rain

Well, there is no Mountaineer press conference or MSN Mountaineer Replay on my beloved Fox College Sports Atlantic channel tonight, as they are showing a women's volleyball game between Florida State and Miami. Ugh. I'll try to catch the Sportsline broadcast online though I guess, so at least I might have something to discuss.

Listening to the radio in Columbus today, the Big Show with Bruce Hooley came on at 5pm. I hated this guy last year, my first year in Columbus, but he seems to have leveled out a bit. He was mad delusional in 2006, claiming Florida and West Virginia run high school offenses, and that the Browneyes would "plant Percy Harvin in the turf if they run that stuff". This season, he's actually pretty good. He thinks the Browneyes will go undefeated, as do I, and he claims that it's a combo of their talent and a terrible schedule. Again, I think tOSU is good, but not great. They will likely go unbeaten, but it's just as much a product of the teams they play.

Tim Brown joined Hooley on the show today, and picked tOSU and LSU to play in the title game. He too thinks the Browneyes go unbeaten, and then proceeded to crush their schedule. Brown implied that the Bucks would almost certainly lose at least 2 games if their schedule were legit. Furthermore, Hooley asked Brown who impressed him this season. He mentioned only two teams, West Virginia and South Florida. He went on to say that USF was upset by a good team under the lights on the road, and that he believes that they are truly a great team that will make noise even with one loss. Mind you, Tim Brown played at Notre Dame, so I was very surprised at his remarks. The BigEast has really raised its profile in the last couple of years.

Kirky Herbstreit's Top 5 Teams:
1. OSU
2. LSU
3. Oregon
4. Oklahoma
5. Boston College

I won't argue with that too much. You can justify each of those teams being in that position, and I believe he ranks based on record and potential finish, rather than who he believes is the best team. He suggested that the upset trend will continue this week, and I think he's absolutely right. Kirky also put Oregon on Upset Alert against USC. I think if USC wins that game, they jump WVU in the BCS, but we'll see. I also think VT will jump us if (and when) they beat Boston College on Thursday.

Bottom line is this: the Mountaineers need to continue taking care of business and hope for some help. If we do that, the rest will take care of itself. The best team we've beaten is ranked #44 in the Sagarin ratings in Maryland. We have no real bragging rights type wins, and are still #7, so let's quite crying about getting no respect from the media. Considering what we've done this season, we're getting plenty.

So let's go Mountaineers, and beat that Rutgers-Jersey ass.

I Love the Japanese

Devastatingly embarrassing.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Greg Schiano, The Undergraduate Years

Again, I must issue a language warning here. This is bad, so watch the kiddies or the boss.

This is real footage taken by one of Schiano's closest friends.


A Young Greg Schiano

Up-front warning: The language in this video is atrocious. Yes, I know my writing isn't exactly G-rated, but it isn't on audio. So if there are kids around or you're at work, watch yourself.

This video was captured by Schiano's grandmother.


Some Credit to the Rutgers Faithful

The Rutgers fans are a funny bunch. I have a ton of respect for how they've stuck with their team through all the crappy years, and they are legitimately hilarious. I think they enjoy the WVU-RU buildup as much as I do. On that note, I'll let them get a shot in here. This link will take you to the WVU player lookalike thread on the Rutgers Rivals board.

It's Guido Time Baby!

I can smell the hair gel, B.O., and garlic tomato sauce. I can hear the terribly annoying and infuriatingly stupid accent, and see the goofy coiffures (that's hairdo for you fellow West by God natives). Finally, it's Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey week.

Rutgers, as far as football is concerned, is an excellent team in my opinion. I believe that they'll give the beloved Mountaineers all they can handle, especially in Piscataway. I mean, after all, our boys will be overwhelmed with Guido Joisey stink.

Have I mentioned that I hate New Jersey? Not the state really, I've been there and it's nice. Sadly, it's infested with trash (pictures to follow). Loud, annoying, ugly, stank-ass trash. And that's just the women!

*All Photos courtesy of the Rutgers Cheerleader Website.

The Polls Are Fucking Rigged, and So Shall Mine Be (Week 9)

Alright kiddies, buckle thy seat belts. Heeeeeeeeere we go.

1. LSU - Shaky? Yes. Dumb? Yes. Most talented team in the nation? Yes.
2. Oregon - Such a great offense, I just can't see them being stopped. They will lose at least one more though.
3. West Virginia - The defense is stout, the offense is the offense. We are gooood.
4. Florida - 2 losses, indeed, but I wouldn't want to play them.
5. Virginia Tech - unpopular, I know, but I have mucho respect for this team right now.
6. Oklahoma - I dunno how I feel about the Sooners, I change my mind too often.
7. USF - I know they lost at Rutgers, but I was more impressed than disappointed.
8. Auburn - I really like this team, even with 3 losses.
9. Arizona State - Who the hell is on this team?
10. USC - Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
11. Virginia - Why the hell not?
12. Ohio State - Just keep winning, no one good enough to beat them?
13. Boston College - DIE
14. Rutgers - Look. They are really good, they just F'ed up in 2 games.
15. Kentucky - I didn't buy into Woodson. I do now.
16. Kansas - Huh? I love their fat coach though, he rocks.
17. South Carolina - Ehhh, whatever.
18. Missouri - See #17. Just not impressed. Yet.
19. Alabama - Saban's a dickface, but he's a West Virginia dickface.
20. California - Holy collapse.
21. UCONN - Give the Huskies their due, they are better than I thought.
22. Cincy - Hard for me to put them here after losing to Pitt. How did that happen?
23. Michigan - They are mad sketchy, but seem to be halfway decent anyway.
24. Maryland - These guys are good, but can't hold up for a whole game. I think they get worn out because Friedgen eats their pre-game meal.
25. Louisville - They can lose to anyone (already proven) and can beat anyone (hopefully not the Mountaineers!)

As you can probably guess, my poll is a real mess. It is almost impossible to judge teams on how good they are while disregarding their record. Sadly, I must at least attempt this feat, as tOSU and BC are not top 10 teams. I will not fall into the trap of voting teams highly because of their record without taking what they've shown into consideration. If you disagree with my poll, please comment and let me know what you'd change. Also, please refrain from cursing me or calling me an idiot, as I'm really attempting to do this thing as best I can. Or, feel free to curse me and call me an idiot. I don't really care all that much.

As I see it, WVU needs to keep winning (obviously) and hope for some help. Fortunately, I think that help will come. I figure we'll likely get jumped in the BCS no matter what, but I don't care. We screwed the pooch at USF, and we have to live with that. If we can't play in the title game, I want at least a good BCS berth. That's one more chance to show the nation what WVU football is all about.

I will end on this note. Three years ago, WVU was getting blasted in the media for being ranked in the Top 10 for their schedule, lack of tradition (even though we played for the title twice already), and assorted other nonsense. We've come a long way people. West Virginia has proven itself as a top 10 program, and gets plenty of respect. So let's quit crying about ESPN and talking heads and other fans. You don't lose a game looking as poorly as we did in Tampa and stay near the top if people don't respect you. We are the Big East flagship, and people fear us. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Paintball Devastation

This is high class.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mississippi State in Review and A Look Around the NCAA

So I look at my buddy as Pat White steps on the field to start the game and say, "Shit. I was hoping for Jarrett Brown."
He replies, "Yeah, me too."
I then say, "You know what though? It'll only take one long TD run for me to love him again."
He says, "Yeah."

BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!! One snap later, the man-crush is back in full effect.

I would also like to point out that even though we completely turned off the engine after the 1st quarter, I don't so much care. That MSU team was a complete joke, and our defense beat the crap out of them. Marc Magro is a man-beast, and was gnawing on human flesh for much of 3 quarters. His anti-tobacco commercial, however, is stupid as all get out.

Why did Noel Devine not play? I recall seeing him on a kickoff return fake reverse, but that's about it. Anybody know what that was all about? I'd love to get the scoop on that. I keep reading that RichRod just wanted to get Slaton back in the groove, but I don't totally buy that. I mean, if he's the #2 back, why not get him in there at all? It doesn't make any sense to me, but Rich doesn't make any sense to me about half the time anyway. Thanks to Hamilton, in the comments, who noted that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette answers my question. Devine apparently missed a practice (the absence was indeed excused) and was not allowed to play because of missed practice time.

Great game by the defense all around. The line dominated, the linebackers were sweet, and the backs covered very, very well. I couldn't have been more pleased with that side of the ball.

The offense was its usual badass self as long as it needed to be. Since they only needed to be badass for about 8 minutes, I hope we got some guys rested. It was also cool to see White get uber-pissed when that MSU cockwrangler hit him late. I wanted Owen to ninja-kick that guy in the face just for spite.

I couldn't help but notice fat #95 on MSU's defense dancing quite a bit for a guy whose team was getting butt-raped. I guess that says a little bit about his team-first attitude and overall class. I kept hoping he'd slip a disc or something, but I'm not overly optimistic.

Finally, we've moved up to #7 in the BCS, even though we are #6 in both polls that matter. FYI, we are tied for #10 in the computer averages. Personally, I'm more than fine with #7, and I think if we handle our business from here on out we're in great shape to make some noise. Cincy losing to Pitt hurts us in my opinion, as they could have been a quality win for sure.

Around the nation a bit:
LSU got so lucky on a wretched call at the end of that Auburn game. If it hadn't worked, Les Miles would be filling for a corn dog right now. He's a moron, and I can't stand him. I wish nothing but bad things for his career.

UCONN is one screwed up snap from being 7-0. Their defense looked really good against the hapless Cardinals, and I think they're better than I thought they were. Kudos to them, I think they're a cute little program. I'd hate to see Edsall leave for Syracuse, per the rumor mill.

Newsflash: The Big10 is poop. Penn State sucks ass, and was unbelievably fortunate to escape Bloomington. The same can be said for Michigan against the Fighting Zookers. tOSU was uninspiring as usual, at least on the scoreboard. I spoke to a Browneye compadre though, and he said it was no big deal. He felt tOSU was in command and was never really threatened. I didn't watch that "game" so I'll take his word for it.

I heard on the radio today that Vandy beating USC-E is conclusive evidence that the SEC is by far the deepest and most outstanding conference. I agree that it is, based on the number of good teams. I disagree that Vandy winning is undeniable proof, because when bad teams beat good teams in any other league, it only proves the good teams suck. But whatever, I don't know any SEC fans anyway, so there's no point in me bitching.

Oklahoma is all kinds of unimpressive. They have looked like garbage lately, but they do keep pulling out wins. The computers have them ranked #14, and I agree. If they Big12 had any real good teams, they might be in trouble. I still think the Sooners go down one more time before it's all over.

BC will lose at VT, but VT will likely then jump over us. It does us no good really no matter what happens in that game, as we need VT to lose another and probably BC to lose 2 total. The ACC is what it shall forever be; Virginia Tech's to lose, considering FSU and Miami are in the shitter for the foreseeable future. We'll have to let that one play out and complain more about it later.

I can't see Oregon and Arizona State getting through the Pac-10 unscathed. I have the Ducks losing one more, and ASU dropping 2 or 3. No sweat off my balls there.

tOSU is unlikely to lose because no one in the Big10 can beat them. I'm over it. The Big-10 is straight shit.

LSU will lose. They are too shaky and dumb to get all the way through the rest of their slate. The Bayou Bengals are winning in spite of Les Miles, not because of him. He is a dumb son of a bitch to be quite frank. He better thank his lucky stars that they have the talent they do. For what it's worth, I still don't think their offense is very impressive. Glenn Dorsey, on the other hand, feasts on the hearts and livers of mortal humans.

Thanks to all the upsets and nonsense, college football is fun for me again. When we lost to USF, I was sick about the whole situation. As the next day and subsequent weeks have played out, I could be sick about the fact that we should be #1. As it stands, I'm loving all the chaos, and the fact that we're right back in the mix. This is a year to end all years on the college football front, and regardless of the outcome, we should all savor this. So root for the Mountaineers or whoever, and just roll with it people. This is something to behold.