Friday, November 30, 2007

The Day Has Arrived

Well, the longest week of my life is over. I'll be in Morgantown for the weekend, and will hopefully be too busy to post anything. If I'm lucky, I'll be thrown in jail after the greatest celebration man has ever witnessed. I set my standards high people.

Beat the HELL out of Pitt!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Field Nazis Lay Down the Warning

Stay off the field. These fucking guys act like the student section is full of suicide bombers or something. They are planning on a large security presence? Well, that's not unexpected. They mention riot gear, police dogs, and pepper spray? If these ignorant assholes didn't beat the ever living fuck out of the student body in 2003, it wouldn't even be a big deal! How many times do you see a field rush on ESPN? EVERY WEEKEND!! We are the only school to bring in assault helicopters and A-10 tank killers to massacre kids that want to celebrate. We had snipers at Mountaineer Field after that VT game. SNIPERS! We have the only cops in the country that put kids in the hospital last time it happened by blinding them with spray then beating them with clubs. AND THEY WERE MANDATED TO DO SO BY THE WVU ADMINISTRATION. It's unreal. It's embarrassing. Fuck you Morgantown cops, West Virginia state troopers, and whoever the admins are that call for this type of action.

Is rushing the field dumb? Sure. Is it worth treating students and fans like a band of rioting thugs for doing shit every other school does? Absolutely not. At least wait until they try to burn the town down. Cops beating kids for being on the field only escalates the situation. I can't believe they're too stupid to realize that. When you fight a student section and unleash police dogs and blast clouds of pepperspray, what do you expect? They will raise hell where the cops aren't, and that's in the streets right after the game. Idiots.

Remember Us?

Awesome article here. Read it.

Even McDonald's Hates Pitt

Jarred Fayson Coming To WVU?

That would be sweet. The Florida receiver is seeing little time with Percy Harvin in the picture, and would be a badass pickup for the Mountaineers. This is being reported on many message boards, and scrolled on ESPN as well.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gold Out Bitches!

Let's get it on. Wear your damn gold people. Don't suck. Stand up, be loud, be insane. Rich says so. God I hate Pitt so much...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Live Near a Browneye Fan?

Here you go. This is supposedly from but I can't find it there. If anyone can get me the link to credit them, I'd appreciate it.

"BCS Fun

Shifting focus a bit, it seems that a host of haters have popped out of the woodwork around cyberspace and the media to decry the Mountaineers' ascent to their lofty BCS ranking for a variety of reasons. While soaking up the criticism of others is a sign that your favorite team has truly reached the pinnacle of success, it will be necessary to put the jealous and misinformed haters into their place over the course of the next month and a half. So here, for your convenience, is a crib sheet for Mountaineer fans to refute the various incorrect arguments against the Mountaineers inclusion in the BCS Championship game.

Argument #1- "Your schedule is a joke!"

Response- Apparently the Sagarin ratings don't agree.

See, the BCS takes strength of schedule into account via the Sagarin Ratings, which make up a percentage of the "computer" vote that is weighed along with the human polls.

WVU's present strength of schedule in those ratings is 35th. Not particularly low or high, but better than other BCS Championship game hopefuls like Ohio State (56), Kansas (90), Oklahoma (67), and Virginia Tech (45), and not significantly statistically different from other teams like Missouri (34), USC (33), Georgia (22), or LSU (26). The only team in the Top 10 of the BCS with significantly better strength of schedule is Florida (5), who also has three losses on their resume.

So when the champion of the SEC is either going to have the 26th or 25th hardest schedule (LSU and Tennessee, respectively), and the likely champion of the Pac-10 has the 33rd hardest schedule, exactly how hard does WVU's schedule need to be?

Forget what a fan's biased eyes see as far as strength of schedule. I'll take the facts. And I'll be right.

Get ready for the Hater's Ball.

Argument #2- "You didn't beat anyone! _________ is more deserving!"

This is the point at which the traditional powers of college football and present realities part ways. There are plenty of traditionalists who live in a world which South Florida, Cincinnati, Rutgers, and UConn are afterthoughts. Doormats. These same traditionalists view Notre Dame's season this year as a hiccup, rather than a continuing trend of mediocrity.

Does it matter that WVU drilled Mississippi State, who beat Auburn and Kentucky this year? Does it matter that WVU has played 4 ranked teams this year and beaten three of them?

Not to these people. It just matters what the school's name is, and whether that school was ranked when daddy was growing up.

Additionally, almost as important as the "who you beat" argument as far as deserving a chance to play for the title is the "who did you lose to" contingent. Of all the teams in the BCS Top 10, only Missouri (a road loss to Oklahoma) has a loss on their schedule that is as respectable as WVU's loss to South Florida in October.

WVU lost to a team presently ranked 21st in the BCS. On the road. At night. In what that team considered "the biggest game in the history of the program."

Contrast this these teams' losses, in order of their BCS rank after Missouri and WVU:

1) Ohio State- Lost AT HOME as the #1 team, knowing a national championship was at stake, to an unranked Illinois team.

2) Georgia- Lost AT HOME to presently-unranked South Carolina, and lost at presently-ranked 14 Tennessee. Also failed to even win its conference.

3) Kansas- Respectable loss to now-#1 Missouri at a neutral site, but that 90th-ranked SOS isn't going to help them. Plus they, too, will not win their conference.

4) Virginia Tech- Lost AT HOME to a Boston College team that couldn't pass effectively because the game was played in a monsoon. Also got shellacked by LSU so completely that the Tigers are still finding hokie feathers around the field.

5) LSU- Lost AT HOME to presently-unranked Arkansas, and lost at presently-unranked Kentucky. Yes, their two losses were both in triple overtime, but knowing that a national championship was at stake, they couldn't figure out how to stop the spread option. (And the claim that WVU couldn't score on LSU was rendered completely moot.)

6) USC- Lost AT HOME to doormat of NCAA D-I football Stanford, and lost at Oregon.

But honestly, anything after "lost AT HOME to Stanford" doesn't even need to be listened to. Sorry, USC. You lost to Duke. No BCS Championship for you.

7) Oklahoma- Lost to presently-unranked Colorado and presently-unranked Texas Tech.

So exactly who are you going to promote from this group over Missouri and WVU, should both teams win out? While there were some impressive wins among them, there were also some pretty big slipups that neither the (Mizzou) Tigers nor the Mountaineers have.

Argument #3- "You don't play a conference championship!"

The Big East, unlike other conferences with championship games, plays a schedule in which every team plays every other team during the course of the regular season.

Exactly WHY do we need a championship game? It's already been settled on the field!

Argument #4- "Missouri/WVU would be the most boring BCS Championship Game ever!"

Really? Two of the most dynamic offenses in college football- both in the Top 8 of scoring offense- with 3 pre-season Heisman candidates on the field (and 2 that will be going to New York City as finalists for the award), running two drastically different versions of the spread offense which one of the coaches happened to invent... won't be fun to watch?

One team ranked 2nd in the nation in rushing yards per game, the other ranked 4th in passing yards per game... is a dull game?

Two of the most talented QB's in college football, each imposing their will on the game in different, thrilling ways... won't move the ratings needle?

Patrick White- boring. Who knew?

Two schools that have never won a national championship, including one that is the winningest team in the history of NCAA D-I football never to have won a title... won't draw a crowd?

Please. Exciting football is exciting football. And unless I missed a memo and fast-moving, high-scoring offenses suddenly became boring, I'd say that a Missouri/WVU title game would be a hell of a game to watch.

So there you have it. A possibility that we (ok, I) thought all but dead, the potential to fulfil all of our wildest dreams as Mountaineer fans, and the ammo to shut up the haters who are jealous of the success presently being enjoyed by our beloved program."

the Ohio State University

The Buckeye fans are mouthy, which is nothing new. I am reading on an awful lot of websites that tOSU would kill us. I read them saying that we shouldn't be in the game, but they should. I keep hearing them say we have no tradition. I keep watching them on TV talking about what a joke we are. They keep saying we have no history, and therefore they say we have no chance.

That's fine. We have no national title. We have no Heisman winner. We don't have a 100,000 seat stadium.

One thing for the Buckeyes to remember though. Tradition and history can't tackle Patrick White and Steve Slaton you mother fuckers. And based on Juice Williams' performance, neither can James Lauranaitis.

Nice picture douchebag. And for what it's worth, this dude is pure, utter garbage of a linebacker. He's undersized and slow. But in Columbus, it doesn't matter. They don't play any decent offenses, EVER, so they all look like stars. Hopefully we can change that on January 7. Bring on the Browneyes.

This is going to be a long fucking week...

The Buildup

I cannot stop thinking about it. It is within our grasp. This video is glorious.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Hate Has Begun

It's so much fun being a WVU fan in Ohio. Sometimes. Like today for instance. They look down on us. They loathe us. They don't respect us. They never will. I live for this.

You can read any variety of articles about WVU in regards to the national championship game. Some heap praise upon us, while others degrade us. I don't give a damn what either of them says. We are one epic beatdown of Pitt from a national title game appearance, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. God that feels good.

I heard Kirk Herbstreit on the radio quite a lot today. There is some serious spin going on right now in Columbus. The radio hosts here (well, Kirk and Hooley) have concluded that tOSU doesn't want to play for the title. They want to play USC, as that will supposedly get them more respect in the end. Well, I'll tell you what then. You can have the respect. We want the trophy.

We also want the Buckeyes. There is nothing that would make me more happy than to smoke them in a title game. Not to just beat them, but to humiliate them. How much good would that do for those of us that grew up near the Ohio border? It's unfathomable. Playing Mizzou? Fine. Playing tOSU? Glorious.

But just so I don't get ahead of myself, I'm not counting any chickens just yet. Anything can happen, and we have one more to play. This is our time to prove we belong. It's been long enough.

Longest Week of My Life

Let's hope for good things come Saturday. Here's last weekend's celebration.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Domination: Big East Championship Style

Ladies and gentlemen, we have successfully completed our first objective. The Big East Championship and BCS bid belong to us. Objective number two is on deck.

Let's end what's going to be the longest week of my life with an absolute groin kicking of Pitt. Let's go Mountaineers!!

We'll get caught up a little bit upon our return to Columbus tomorrow evening. Man, it's tough being a WVU fan there right now.