Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend Updates

Updates might be made this weekend, but will likely be intoxicated ones at best. That's what happens in Morgantown.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Piscataway, Where National Championship Dreams Go To Die

Rutgers University, where they're not quite good enough to really accomplish anything of note, but plenty good enough to ruin your entire fucking season.

Congratulations Scarlet Knights, and thanks for putting us back in the hunt (2 years in a row!). The Mountaineers will be there to thank you personally in two weeks by beating the ever-loving shit out of your football team. Cheers until then you Jersey pieces of garbage.

Devastation Double Dip

This is fun.

Thursday Devastation

I hate the Hokies so much you cannot even begin to imagine it.

South Florida v Rutgers


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Polls Are Fucking Rigged, and So Shall Mine Be

You know what? I keep looking at all these polls that are out, and I really think people are insane. So here's mine. Feel free to comment. I'm basing this on who I think is better than who AT THIS MOMENT, not necessarily season records. Let's face it, a 1 loss team can be on top, because there is no uber-team in 2007. So there.

1. LSU - I still think they're the best team in spite of Les Miles
2. Oklahoma - still F'ing good
3. Oregon - Offense is what I wish ours was
4. WVU - No more bubble screens!!!
5. Florida - 2 close losses to 2 good teams, Tebow, Harvin, Orson Swindle
6. Cal - With Longshore = good, Without Longshore = poop
7. USF - I hate them right now
8. Kentucky - I hate them too
9. South Carolina - How can I hate Spurrier?
10. Missouri - Big 12 is atrocious so whatever
11. Arizona State - Who? Great TV exposure...
12. Cincinnatti - UL can beat anyone or lose to anyone, so not taking much from it
13. Virginia Tech - No offense, great defense
14. Ohio State - Not that good but play only awful teams so won't lose
15. Boston College - DIE
16. Auburn - Looking great these days (at least on defense)but got Croomed
17. Kansas - huh?
18. USC - hahahahahaha, pricks
19. Louisville - I fear thee toothed cardinal! Idiots for losing 3.
20. Tennessee - Unknown commodity here, but crushed Georgia
21. Maryland - Would be higher if not for Wake Forest gag
22. Rutgers - Way to underachieve and fuck our strength of schedule you idiots!
23. Texas Tech - Sure can score, who cares about anything else?
24. Virginia - I hate them. Oh so very much do I hate them.
25. UCONN - little brother, have to put them in here over Michigan or PSU, who have beaten exactly no one either (but managed to lose 2 of them instead of 1)

Just Desserts

This is just bizarre. Last devastation video of the night for me. I need to work on some football action.

Do Not Mess With South American Women

Nothing to be said there.

Fatty Devastation

I think there's a fat theme going on today.

Janice Is Cold Blooded

Poor fat kid.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Historic Notre Dame

This is awesome.

Classic Rich Rodriguez

Apparently, one can only understand the game of football if you've devoted your life to it. The rest of us are complete idiots.

This is what Rich really thinks of the fans. Clearly, making tons of cash and still having your team unprepared (exactly what they were for USF!!)doesn't allow for any criticizm whatsoever. Why? Because fans absolutely do not understand football. Sometimes I want to choke this guy.

Link courtesy of The Daily Mail.

Mississippi Rednecks

Interesting social debate brought up in this video. I guess they're smart too!

Mississippi Rednecks

I'm not sure what to say about this one to be honest. He kind of reminds me of that Gator fan in the video from the other day, only much more lame.


Mississippi Rednecks

Jessco White would be so proud!

Mississippi State Week Intro

Well, if Sylvester Croom holding a shotgun isn't terrifying, I don't know what is.

I'm currently watching the Rich Rodriguez press conference on FCS Atlantic (how I adore expanded digital cable). I'm glad to hear him admit that he too was furious about the USF game. I always have this image of him just not caring at all about losing, so it makes me feel good that he is upset about it. He needs to stop playing with the Livestrong band looking thing on his wrist though, because it's pissing me off.

He just said that the MSU defense reminds him of USF, and that makes me want to sob. I can't help but believe that the entire gameplan consists of bubble screens and lateral running plays, WHICH IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!! I'll tell you this though, Rich seems about 10 times more friendly and happy in pressers than he ever has before. I guess if I was treated like God and made that kind of money, I'd be pretty F'ing chipper as well.

I also took in the Joe Paterno presser before this one. I don't have much to say about that one other than this. HE DOES NOT COACH THAT TEAM. Also, he is completely senile, no joke. Sad, but true.

Back to MSU. I'm pretty sure we should kill these guys. They are not good, though they did somehow manage to beat Auburn at Auburn (where have I heard that before?) and hung in there with an apparently resurrected Tennessee squad. I think the line of -23.5 for WVU is a bit bizarre, but I hope we cover. We need to put one on these cats in dominating fashion. The opportunity still exists to get somewhere this season, and we need to start getting it done immmediately.

A bit of Mississippi history for you uneducated types.


Bringin back an old favorite.

Surprise Devastation

Nothing to really be said here.

Cheerleader Devastation

Nothing like a bunch of male cheerleaders having at each other. I love the crowd reaction...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Aftermath

Well, here we are. Another crooked-ass weekend of college football has passed us by, and the picture of what the hell is going on has never been less clear. The Mountaineers sat this one out, and hopefully installed some sort of creative offensive gameplan to use against the Fightin' Crooms of Mississippi State.

We somehow managed to drop in the AP poll, though I thought we might as UK jumped us. More surprisingly, however, we actually moved up several spots in the Coaches' Poll. Honestly, there is just so much chaos at this point, who the hell knows where to put anyone. We are ranked 9 in the BCS, which is about where I would put us as well. There are several teams in front of us that will lose, so I think we have a pretty good shot at getting back into the top 5 before it's all said and done.

So I'm listening to the Mike Tirico show at work today, and Kirky Herbstreit is on the air. He proceeds to go through and devalue all teams not named OSU or LSU in the top 10, but especially USF. He masks his own opinion by claiming "it's not what I think should happen, but it's what I think WILL happen". He feels very strongly that USF doesn't have the strength of schedule to play for the Mythical National Championship, at least in the eyes of the voters. He finally proceeded to point out (after being goaded by an email) that OSU does not deserve the #1 spot based on who they've played. He did say, however, that the Browneyes will have the opportunity to prove they do belong, with games at Penn State and Michigan.

So let me get this straight...USF's schedule is too weak because they only win AT #17 Auburn, and beat #9 WVU in Tampa, yet OSU can prove they are legit by winning at unranked PSU and #25 Michigan. Anybody else see something a bit off?

Unfortunately, it's all going to come down to name recognition. OSU is a perennial power, albeit in a two team conference. They will always be in the discussion, because each year they only have to win one real game...Michigan. Frankly, I'm not sure how viable a test that is anymore either. I guess if you can sprinkle 2 teams ranked between 20 and 30 into your schedule, and are named Ohio State, it doesn't matter if you have only beaten Youngstown State (I-AA), Akron (3-4 MAC), Washington (2-4), Northwestern (4-3, but arguably in the worst 10 teams in college football), Minnesota (1-6), Purdue (5-2, has lost 2 in a row now that Indiana State and Central Michigan are off the schedule), and Kent State (3-4 MAC). I understand that many teams have played a crappy schedule at this point, but not many have been THIS crappy, nor will continue to be THIS crappy. So here's your season tOSU fans. Beat unranked PSU and #25 Michigan, and your berth in the title game is apparently legitimate. Thank you, Kirk Herbstreit for the wonderful, insightful commentary. In fairness to Kirky, who I used to like until this season, OSU is #1 by default, because at least they haven't lost to one of these crap teams, which is more than you can say for virtually anybody else, outside of LSU and WVU.

On a side note, Kirk took back all the criticism of OSU's schedule when he appeared later on Columbus radio, letting it be known that he doesn't see anyone in the country scoring against that defense. He also claimed that getting blown out by Florida in last year's title game is unfairly influencing the opinion of OSU this season. Well, Kirk, they didn't play anybody last year (again, Michigan only, who was absolutely massacred by USC in the Rose Bowl) until they were hammered by the Gators. What in God's name makes anyone think it will be different this time around?

Screw It, One More

This is painful at the very least. Ugh.

Just One More

This is complete devastation. I can't believe that little bastage waves at the camera after the fact.

More Violence Against the Youth of America

There is just something I find really hilarious in watching unsuspecting little kids get annhilated.

Monday Devastation

Mondays suck. This video does not. Keep your eye on the kid that runs past the bottom of the screen at the beginning. He re-appears with much hilarity and devastation at the end.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ever Been to a Morgantown Strip Club?

No? Well, here's a sneak peak at some of the action.

Delayed Devastation

I've been away for the weekend, but I think this one makes up for it! I almost feel bad for laughing so hard, but it's one of the best videos I've ever seen. Truly devastating.


Forgot to mention I was going to be out of town for the weekend. We'll get things updated this evening.