Saturday, November 3, 2007


So the day starts off alright, except for the selection of games being televised (3 putrid Big10 matchups, ugh)...we have a WVU flag at Gameday, Purdue runs back the kickoff at Penn State, and I'll be watching football all f'ing day. Yes!

Notes: PJ Hill not be playing for Wisconsin today, so that's even more of a cakewalk for the Browneyes.

Wisconsin goes for the fake punt and succeeds. Finally, a Big10 team challenges the Browneyes, but it reeks of desperation. The Big10 is terrified of Ohio State. It always is. Winning 19 straight conference games says something about the rest of the Big 10 and its approach to beating OSU.

The BADgers just blew their shot at keeping it close by having to punt. It's 7-3 right now in favor of the Bucks, but this game is pretty much over. Wisconsin has nothing.

BigTenNetwork announcing sucks. Also, it is a fucking joke that Michigan is ranked 12th. It is an absolute travesty.

OSU 10 - WIS 3 at the half. Pure excitement.

There has been a noticable crack in the facade of confidence normally exuded by the Buckeyes. They look....nervous. I've only seen it from them a few times under Tressel, and while they're still likely to win this game, it may actually be a good finish. They're giving up some relatively big plays on defense, and are largely unable to move the ball on offense. It's intriguing.

The instant I put that last note up, Wisconsin breaks a tackle for big play, and then punches it in for a TD.

Now that tOSU has the ball back, they're looking more normal.

Somebody reminded Wisconsin that they are Wisconsin. Game over. I'm almost certain that Wisconsin threw that game, based on the stupid fake punt call at their own 27, and then a bizarre fumble, thus letting tOSU blow them out. Moving on.

Big10 games are almost done ruling TV, thank God. Penn State, Purdue, Iowa, Northwestern, Indiana, and Wisconsin all suck. tOSU is alright. There, I said something positive about them.

HOLY KANSAS!! The fighting Manginos put up a 48 spot on Nebraska in the first half, and show no signs of letting up. Granted, this is the Husker defense we're talking about, so I'm not sure whether to be impressed. Also, I forgot to mention that Kansas gave up 4 Nebraska touchdowns, so apparently the Jayhawk D blows too.

Syracuse at Pitt: who gives a shit? Not me!

USF-Cincy game is ridiculous. How did we lose to that team again?!?! Oh yeah, thanks Rich.

Texas losing to "I'm a man! I'm 40!" 14-0. How is UT ranked in the top 15 again?

Texas has tied it!! Geewhillikers.

Sparty goes down, Cincy's trying to blow it.

Bama up at the half....PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN!!!

Filthy Domers lose to Navy!!!

Oregon up already 14-3 over Arizona State. Ummm, Oregon is the tits.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Night Pillowfight: Nevada v New Mexico State


You know what? I'm going to drink some rum and liveblog this damn thing. YEEHA!! Yes, this is my life...

UPDATE: On second thought, there is no one at this game. Not a soul. If the home crowd isn't bothering to watch it, why should I? Well, because I have nothing else to do. But I'm going to take a stand and refrain from wasting my time blogging about it. For now. Yum, rum.

DOUBLE UPDATE: This has been an unbelievable game since halftime. This is why I love college football so much. Absolutely brilliant offensive effort by both teams in the 2nd half. I feel bad for people not watching this. OMFG A MISSED EXTRA POINT!! I'm calling it now, NMSU comes back to win on a field goal now that the deficit is only 2. Wow.

Well, shit. The Nevada kicker will now survive the night, and the New Mexico State kid will be the goat. Either way, this was a fantastic game. I know it meant nothing, and no one was there, but it was a hell of a game. This is just one more reason we all love college football. I really feel for that NMSU kicker though. Ugh.

Scandalous Louisville Rumor

Alright, so the point shaving thing has been dispelled apparently. Thanks Mike. I'll still wait to see what happens.

EDIT: This has also been mentioned on Card Chronicle, and it is largely downplayed.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

For the Record

Counting tonight, 25 of the next 26 days will feature some sort of football, either NFL or college, on national television. Thank you God!!!

Get Ready Louisville

Yes sir. 7 days until you get blown the fuck out.

Virginia Tech v Georgia Tech


This game should, well, suck. On a brighter note, some of the Virginia Tech jerseys were stolen/lost, so several players will be wearing Georgia Tech jerseys altered by magic marker. Also, both teams are rated 100+ in total offense. I love ACC football.

EDIT: Antonio Freeman just did the worst player introduction of all time. I don't think he knows any of their names, is able to read their names, or speaks English. I do think he's a complete idiot, and we are all now more stupid for listening to him try to speak. Hokie football player academics are outstanding people!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Double Devastation

This is glorious.

Wednesday Devastation

This is how children should be disciplined.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Polls Are Fucking Rigged, and So Shall Mine Be (Week 10)

Alright. Let's get it on.

1. Oregon - so smooth and delicious to watch. They are what we should be.
2. LSU - still dumb and shaky, but no other choice really
3. WVU - Great O, great D, we're really F'ing good.
4. Oklahoma - whatever, who cares, they suck on the road.
5. Arizona State - I don't know anything about them, but I have no idea who to put here. Hey, they're unbeaten!
6. Missouri- again, I know nothing, but that's a bonus now.
7. Georgia - at this moment, they are this good. That will likely change next week.
8. Auburn - sure, why not?
9. Ohio State - Have proved nothing still, but neither has anyone else below them.
10. Alabama - I hope they beat LSU!
11. Virginia Tech - should've won that game
12. Boston College - DIE, should've lost that game
13. UConn - surprise!
14. Kansas - no idea who's on this team. LOVE MANGINO!!
15. USF - umm, play in the 1st half too idiots!!
16. Mississippi State - why the hell not? They have good wins!!!!
17. Florida - ugh, Tebow is slowly wearing down, and they will suffer even more
18. USC - the Mexican football Jesus!!
19. Clemson - who cares, they play in the ACC so it matters not
20. Boise State - smurfs! i love these bastages, but they're not great
21. Hawaii - poop, poop, poop, poop, poop schedule
22. Rutgers - we are just that damn good, and they really aren't bad
23. Cincy - still a fine team, but we'll see what happens
24. South Carolina - love me some Spurrier, but hate his QB situation
25. Michigan - they have to be in here somewhere, but still lost to HOT!HOT!HOT!

I'm gonna be honest here people. I complain an awful lot when I look at the AP/Coaches/Harris/whatever polls. But now that I'm working on my own, it's much more difficult than I thought. There are so many crappy teams that I don't feel should be ranked at all, yet no one to be put above them. 2007, my friends, is completely and utterly insane.

On a very cool note. Check out this link, and you can see how every team is voted by every AP voter. Awesome stuff.

Stay Classy State College


All we ever hear in the media is how classy and tradition-rich the Nittany Lions are. How they have such knowledgable and passionate fans. That's great. But if you ever actually go up there, you'll realize what a high volume of trash they have as well. Their women also have big hair, so I'm told. Regardless, here's a fine example of their classiness, courtesy of some idiot that videotaped it. All of that nonsense, and they get their asses kicked by every decent team they play. Sigh.

I do agree on one note though, "Fuck Ohio!"

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Have a Mancrush on John Radcliff

Why you ask? Because of stuff like this.

Some Illusion Fun

I'm not normally into this stuff, but check this one out. The ones near the end are the best.

Weekend Observations

Well, The Editor was extra cool this weekend, and allowed me to watch mucho football, as you can see above. Actually, the only thing limiting my football intake was the fact that ESPN is a bunch of dumbshits and showed 14 combined hours of horse and auto racing. At least they know their Saturday afternoon in October demographic. Who the hell is running that place?!?!

Let me begin with my beloved. We looked fantastic this weekend, in what I would deem is our best overall performance of the year to this point. Damn, our defense is good. Not just pretty good, but damn good. Sure, the Knights helped us out once or twice (or 6 times) with dropped passes, but I don't care. We owned them, as the kiddies say. Also, their crowd sucked. They must only get pumped for night games. Ray Rice, however, is a straight pimp. He's a bad mf'er.

Ohio State looked good. Not great, but good. Again, they were battling the crowd at PSU more than the actual football team, because Penn State sucks. They really, really suck in fact. That being said, they're name is Penn State so I'm sure this goes down as a huge win on the Browneye resume. Whatever, I remain largely unimpressed. And for the record, the Big10 is completely unwatchable outside of OSU. The rest of that conference is beyond bad.

I can't believe Arizona State won against Cal. It's not that I thought Cal was too good to lose the game, it's that I thought ASU was too shitty to win it. I guess I was kind of wrong. Cal is worse than I figured they were, and Arizona State is a little better. I went to bed before that one was over, while ASU still looked like shit, so I can't comment on them too much.

Oregon is f'ing good. F'ING GOOD! In my mind, they are #1. Their only loss is to Cal at home (don't know how that happened!), but they would have won without a flukey Kordell Stewart-like fumble through the endzone for a touchback. I don't think anyone can slow down their offense, and their defense is pretty good too. They will be #1 in my rigged poll to come out tomorrow. They still play ASU though, and might have another tough game or two. We'll have to see.

USC, on the other hand, is a massive disappointment. Apparently Mark Sanchez, the Mexican football Jesus, is really not all that fantastic. Is the dominant run for USC over? Perhaps, but that remains to be proven. I don't really care either way, but I'd love them to be on TV less. I hate their uniforms with the burning passion of 10,000 suns.

Boston College is fucking garbage. 58 minutes of poop and 2 minutes of VT being VT does not a #2 team make. Nor, despite anything ESPN says, does it make Matt Ryan a hero. He was pure shit for most of that game, and only improved when VT backed off on defense. Bud Foster lost that game, Ryan didn't win it. Boston College will lose a game, THEY HAVE TO!! Traitorous scum-suckers. Tech, on the other hand, just sucks like we all thought they did. America's team has no offense at all, and their D is vastly overvalued. So are their special teams apparently. BeamerBall let them down.

Marshall got win numero uno. Against Rice. In Huntington. Hooray. Thanks Joe Manchin, for killing our strength of schedule by making us play those goddam clowns. What a lose-lose situation for WVU that series is.

HOW THE HELL DID WE GET BEAT BY USF?!?!? Oh yeah, turnovers, unpreparedness, and wretched playcalling. Thanks Rich. I sure am glad we look like idiots while they get beaten by RU and UConn. That's just great.

Speaking of UConn, their defense really is pretty good. They are very disciplined, and that makes up for any of their deficiencies. I am really impressed with them overall, mostly because I figured they would be as good as a mid-level MAC team. That kid with the dreads they have at running back, Dixon, is going to give WVU some issues. Mark it down. Their passing offense, however, will not.

The SEC is a pure clusterfuck. I have no idea who's good outside of LSU. I really don't. They are looking very mediocre on the whole this season. Mississippi State beating Kentucky and Auburn though, both on the road, makes our assbeating of them seem a little bit more valuable at this point.

Did anyone see the end of Pitt-Louisville? How bad did both those teams want to lose that game? They are both so terrible right now. McCoy, for Pitt, is a really good back. I can't believe he went to Pitt. It's already begun to drag him down, as you could see when he fumbled the ball on 1st and goal at the UL 1 with time expiring. Then he cried. He lost his mind in a glass case of emotion. Skirt. I now have no respect for him at all. Poor wittle guy.

Louisville still scares me, simply because I think at any moment they can drop 80 on somebody, and I don't want that somebody to be us. Dear God in Heaven do I not want that somebody to be us. I think the Kragthorpe will be our greatest ally in that game, as he is a terrible, program ruining, fan base thinning bum of a coach. He's the new Wannstedt, while Wannstedt is still the old Wannstedt. God love him.

Are there any teams I'm missing? Oh, Missourri, blah. I think they might be good, but are never on TV where I am. And Kansas? Ummm, I still haven't seen them play, nor do I care to. They are not good, and I don't care what anyone says about them. I blame ESPN. But I do like this guy!

Mangino has to go 375, but he wears it well.

In Lieu of Devastation, I Present You With The Incredible

This is truly the most unbelievable play I've ever seen. I love Division III athletics.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rutgers, wow....

So, um, we really hammered them. I truly thought it would be a better game than that. I mean, after getting beat 12 years in a row, you'd think they would get up for a game like that with the BigEast championship on the line and all. Or not. Maybe they are still waiting to turn that corner...