Friday, November 16, 2007


And then it all comes down, and we're right back in the hunt. Thank you Arizona, thank you. Let's get it done on Saturday, Mountaineers. Since two of the three Big 12 teams in front of us will have to lose, we're actually sitting at #4, not #6. Now that Oregon goes down, we're #3 in the BCS. There is no more time for excuses or a lack of intensity. It's fucking showtime. Let's do this.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oregon In Trouble

This game just got interesting. I pointed out earlier that Arizona can throw and Oregon can't stop it. Now, though, Dixon is out for the game. That awesome Duck offense just got dropped to average. I still wish we called plays like they do. My God they are beautiful and frustrating to watch when Dixon is in there. I get upset because that's what WVU should look like.

Holy crap. I felt stupid for thinking this might be a tough game for Oregon, but look at what we have. This is insane.

Oregon Ducks v Arizona Wildcats


On the surface, this game looks like it should be blowout. Oregon is 8-1 and ranked #2. Arizona is 4-6 and frankly, pretty crappy. That being said, keep your eyes on an interesting stat. Oregon's pass defense is ranked #105. Meanwhile, the Arizona passing offense is ranked #9. Could it be enough to keep this game close? Possibly. Could it be enough to cause an upset? Let's hope so. I still feel like this game will be a rollover for the Ducks, but they did lose last year to these guys. You never know this season.

And tonight is no exception on the insanity of 2007's version of college football.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Akron v Miami (OH)


Holy crap does this game suck ass. This is absolutely putrid. And OSU beat this Akron team 20-2. Outstanding. And yes, that is a drunken Ben Roethlisberger before facial reconstruction and bionic limbs.

What the Hell, It's a Classic

Yes it is.

Hump Day Violence


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


John Radcliff, thank you fine sir.

This is brilliant.

As an FYI, now that they've lost, the fans have taken to attacking other teams. Michigan, WVU, LSU, Oklahoma, and USC are the main targets. If you're in the vicinity, beware. But feel free to remind them of Juice Williams peeholing their defense for an entire quarter when everyone knew what was coming. Sweet glorious justice.

Observations From Week 12

I am not thrilled with our performance on Thursday night. That much has been made clear I think. At this point though, I'm more worried about Cincinnati than anything else. We are prone to turnovers (not consistently, but when they come, they come in bunches with us). Cincy is all about creating turnovers. If the fumbling WVU shows up, we lose. It's as simple as that.

If we just keep winning, we should get to #4 at minimum. Two of the Big 12 teams in front of us are assured of losing. We will pass whichever two drop a game. That leaves 1 Big 12 team ahead of us no matter what. Whoever wins the Big 12 Championship game will remain above WVU, and there's nothing we can do about it but complain.

That leaves the other slot open for Oregon or LSU. It's unlikely that Oregon will lose, but they do have a rivalry game coming up against Oregon State, and play an improving Arizona team this Thursday. Pray for them to lose a game. We need it badly.

LSU has Arkansas and the SEC Championship game left as their only challenges. Ole Miss doesn't count. I can see LSU losing to Arkansas, it's not that far fetched considering their penchant for letting garbage teams hang around for 4 quarters. If Georgia makes it to the SEC title matchup, I go with the Bulldogs to win. They are really looking great right now. That being said, if UGA wins out, would they pass us? I'm not sure. Either way, we have to hope for an LSU loss somewhere.

So there's the scenario at this point. If Oregon and LSU win out, that's your BCS title game. If one loses, it's the other vs. a Big 12 team in the title game. If they both lose, it's likely our spot to lose against whoever the Big 12 team is. Unless, of course, we get jumped. Georgia could jump us, but no one else is in position to do so. OSU will not, VT will not, etc...

Bottom line? West Virginia has to win out, and pray for both Oregon and LSU to lose. An upset in the Big 12 would be nice too, and maybe give us some room to breathe a little bit.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We have a huge game coming up on Saturday that no one thought would be that big before this year started. I don't think their crowd will bother us any, as the stadium is too small. But make no mistake, UC is treating this as their game of the year. It seems like we're that game for everybody doesn't it? That makes me happy. Regardless, UC will come out fired up in this game, and we have to match that intensity. We cannot come out flat, we cannot turn the ball over, and we cannot have a crappy gameplan (fat chance). Our season, and all our hopes, can come down to this one.

Other than that, we just need some help elsewhere. So root for every crappy team against every good one, and let's just see what happens.

Also, root for Michigan. It can't hurt, and makes my life much more enjoyable.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Devastation In Paradise

Holy hell did Colt Brennan get blasted...

The Polls Are Fucking Rigged, And So Shall Mine Be (Week 12)

Alright, I've calmed down. Here we go.

1. Oregon - I love them
2. Non-fumbling WVU - I love them too
3. LSU - They annoy me, so let's hope they lose.
4. Oklahoma - Why not? They beat Missouri and Tejas.
5. Missouri - Is that spelled right? I think they might be really good.
6. Georgia - Have you seen them lately? Yikes.
7. Virginia Tech - Have the turkeys found an offense? Perhaps.
8. Arizona State - They are good. I've dogged them too long.
9. Ohio State - Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
10. USC - Back in the mix, sort of.
11. Florida - Looking good again, but actually only beating shitty teams.
12. Cincinnati - This game is going to be TOUGH.
13. Clemson - On fire right now, which is unprecedented!
14. Kansas - Look, I like these cats, but they just aren't that good. Sorry.
15. Tennessee - Uhhh, sure.
16. Auburn - What is wrong with these guys? UGA is good though.
17. UConn - Was that just an off-day, or was it the real team?
18. Louisville - Why do they lose so much? I don't get it.
19. Rutgers - What do they have against service academies? They taunt Navy and run up the score on Army. What a bunch of guido dicks.
20. Virginia - So tired of the Hoos winning, though that was a nice one on Saturday.
21. Boston College - Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
22. Illinois - maybe too high here
23. Wisconsin - 2 decent games in a row, HOLY SHIT!!!!!
24. USF - Ehhhh, they have totally fallen apart.
25. Fumbling WVU - I hate them.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Night Stupidity

This is just damn solid right here. I hate Nancy Grace, and apparently, so does her producer.

Sunday Night Game Re-watch

So I'm rewatching the UL game right now, and after the weekend played out I'm not nearly as disgusted. I'll give a full recap of my state of mind probably tomorrow evening. I'll get a video up to entertain you until then.

As far as the CBS article is concerned, I reread it sober, and found that there is much of it that I do not agree with. Mostly because Doyel left out several games that invalidate his points.