Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Dear God

Little baby Jesus, help us.

Florida State v Wake Forest


Oh my.

Thursday Devastation Double

See, I have this friend who for some reason enjoys seeing cheerleaders get knocked unconcsious. To that friend, I say good day sir.

Thursday Devastation

I enjoy this one very much.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Full Coverage of Navy v Pitt

Join the fun over at West BY GOD Virginia. There's absolutely no need for every West Virginia blog on the net to do this game. Thus, I will just be commenting on their live blog for the rest of the evening. Unless, of course, something of note takes place. Sadly, considering who's playing this game, I doubt anything of note is actually possible.

More Honorable Devastation

Note to all you pimps out there. Don't hit your ho when Jay Lee is around. Devastation! Also, the commentator's use of "hot pants" makes this doubly awesome.

Daily Devastation, Wednesday

This dude devastates two punks that smack his girl. Who says chivalry is dead?

Devastating Hit

Oh. This isn't the type of devastation you were looking for? Well, then. Back to the drawing board.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Navy v Pitt: Wednesday Night Pillow Fight


Ladies and gentlemen, and fellow Mountaineers, this is going to be one hell of a pillow fight. Navy (3-2) vs. Pitt (2-3) is a veritable smorgasbord (spelled correctly Editor, I looked it up)of crappy football and underachieving players running bizarro offenses. We get to see the triple option run to mediocrity by the Midshipmen against Pitt's 9th ranked total defense. No, really, their D is ranked 9th. I know, I was fucking blown away too. We also get to see LeSean McCoy do virtually everything for Pitt. He's like the poor man's Darren McFadden (who, being from Arkansas, is already the poor man's McFadden, but myself being from West Virginia, I digress). McCoy plays QB, RB, and occasionally wideout, and honestly, he's pretty fucking good. Too bad he can't block, tackle, or coach.

There will be approxomately 30,000 yellow clad fans in Heinz Field to witness this fucking debacle, and by fans, I mean empty seats. I would like to pick the Panthers, as the Big East could be served well if those dipshits would get their once-powerful (read when they used to cheat their balls off) program out of the pooper and back to some level of respectability. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how much you loathe the modern day puttytats, Pitt has virtually no chance of pulling this off. Why you ask, can they likely not beat a lame ass military academy squad? Well, friend, because THIS is their coach. Jesus, I'm so glad he's at Pitt. I would only be more satisfied if he were coaching those bastards the Hokies. Or Ohio State. Yeah, the Browneyes with Wannstedt, that would be great. Or it wouldn't matter at all, because the rest of the Big Ten lies down when they play the Browneyes anyway. I mean, Purdue throws the ball all over the yard in normal play, then run up the gut every play against tOSU. It's almost like they're being paid to let tOSU win. Considering the Browneyes' past, maybe we're on to something there. Enough rambling.

Navy, on the other hand, got absolutely blown the fuck out by a potentially very crappy Rutgers side, making it impossible to pick them either. I mean, they really, really suck. To make matters worse, they then cried about being taunted by a bunch of filthy guidos who have nothing to live for outside of trash covered beaches, greasy acne-splotched women with bad accents, and canolis, until they were given a formal apology. For the love of all that is holy, if they can't handle verbal abuse from illiterate Jersey trash, how can they defend our freedom anyway? Those skirts wouldn't even survive one night at Envy or Bent Willey's, those places are like Brunswick South. But that's beside the point, which I'm finally getting to.

The point is as follows. This "football game" is a matchup of absolutely atrocious squads running goofy offenses with emotionally over-sensitive "players". Will I watch it? Abso-fucking-lutely. Will I enjoy it? Abso-fucking-lutely. Will it be a good game? Highly, highly doubtful.

Regardless, I'm going with my heart on this one (I always root for Big East teams out of conference, regardless of how much I would normally despise them) and taking Pitt. Pitt 27, Navy 23 (Navy gets 3 tuds(thanks Shannon Sharpe) and a safety when Pat Bostick has a nervous breakdown, pisses his pants, and lies in the fetal position in the end zone after seeing his GF with another dude in the stands).

For a real analysis of this game, head over to a fine website run by some dudes whose email address I can't find. It really is a good website, and I really can't find their email address. This being new to blogging thing kind of sucks once in a while.

On that note, peace out. I'll keep all of you riveted readers updated during the game, and will be adding a brand new Daily Devastation tomorrow after work. Devastation is delightful.

Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician

The Octonian. A classic work. The Bull's initial statement is one of my favorite all time quotes.

Watching the WVU-Cuse Replay

I am fortunate enough to have FCS Atlantic here in Columbus. This allows me the opportunity to watch the Rich Rod press conference as well as the MSN replay of every game. I will not even pretend that I watched these last week. I am not a masochist.

Here are some things I've noticed that I perhaps didn't pay much attention to while screaming at the TV on Saturday.

1. I knew our defense played pretty well, but they were absolutely flying to the ball. We really put the hits on too. I know, SU's offense sucks, but we still took it to them.

2. Pat White threw the ball downfield and looked alright doing it. I still have a complaint about his lack of touch, but his mid-range to long-range throws are tight.

3. Steve Slaton ran HARD. I haven't seen him blast people and look for contact like this since the Maryland game. He was delivering some serious blows. Sadly, he wasn't all that involved. WHY!?!?

4. Noel Devine is going to be incredible. I hope that he stays on the right track at WVU, he seems like a good kid that just had a troubled childhood for reasons beyond his control. I really hope that's the case, because he's going to be a fucking star.

5. Reynaud, as usual, is the shit. I've been saying for 2 years that he's our best all-around athlete, and I still believe that. He's fast, strong, and has insane moves. I love watching him with the ball.

6. Rich's playcalling is still garbage. I understand it didn't need to be creative for this game, but it's just one more in a long line of games that have poop playcalling.

7. What the fuck is our kickoff team doing? We're going to get fucked one of these days on a long return at a seriously inopportune time.

8. Owen Schmitt. What needs to be said?

9. Jarrett Brown is damn, damn good. He's big and strong, very fast, and has a cannon for an arm. That play he flicked a 40 yard pass to Lyons that was almost caught? Amazing.

10. Wes Lyons. THANK YOU FOR USING HIM!!! He made a great play on the deflected pass, and was a consistent menace to the secondary. It's about fucking time.

All in all I think we looked good, but not great. Basically, it's just the vanilla offense that holds us back, and not using Slaton much. He is amazing, but I feel like we're wasting him this year.

BCA Considers Lawsuit to Push for More Minority Coaches

I'm not sure how I feel about this one.

Let me start by saying that there is definitely a lower than reasonably expected number of minority coaches, as noted in the article. Should there be more black, Hispanic, whatever coaches in college football? Well, based on the number of minorities playing the sport, one would think it's only natural for that same number to be reflected in coaching positions. Why is the number so low? I'm not sure. Maybe the system hasn't been opened up long enough that there is the quantity of minority coaches that are legitimately qualified at this point (I should point out that I don't think most of the coaches of any race that have jobs right now are qualified anyway, but whatever). I mean, for decades they were dissuaded from pursuing a coaching career, or just flat out not allowed to do it. Maybe we are just now catching up to speed on that front. I don't know the answers, but I would agree that the BCA has a point.

That being said, I don't feel like forcing people to do something with a lawsuit is really furthering the movement. If you want things to be righted and people to be treated equally, then the people in charge have to support this. They can't be forced to do anything, or there will almost certainly be a backlash. People do not respond well to force, especially those who are in positions of responsibility. So can we really force the powers that be to change their way of acting without changing their way of thinking? Or do we need to give it more time?

I know, minority coaches have waited to be more involved for longer than I can imagine. I'm certain that the progress hasn't been what they've hoped for up to this point, but there has most certainly been progress. I think it's important though, that said progress evolves on its own. The only way to really change a mode of behavior is by changing the mode of thought. People of my generation are much less inclined to involve race in their view of the world. Not that older generations are blatant racists, it's just that they've lived their lives and formed their opinions in much different times and social circumstances than those of my generation. Kids are now more exposed to multiple cultures than ever before, and that trend continues to expand. By the time today's teenagers are running the show, I doubt race will even be a factor anymore.

Unfortunately for all of us, however, race is still a factor today. No one wants to admit it, but the remnants of our hateful and divisive pasts are still with us. That is something that can only change with patience and time, not with lawsuits. Until viewpoints and perceptions are changed at the most basic level, nothing will ever change. Up to now, progress has been made, albeit slowly. Time is the only variable that will alter hiring practices and decisions. There is no way to rush things along. So lets all wait and see how this thing plays out, I'm sure it will be interesting.

Daily Devastion, Tuesday

Fat people in pain. I live for this type of devastation.

Devastation, From "The Editor"

"The Editor" really enjoys this piece of footage, and suggested I share it with all of you. This is high quality.

Monday, October 8, 2007


I know this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it's one of my favorite videos of all time. I wonder how many of these guys ended their lives after this?

My Favorite Blogger

Do yourself a favor and go check out the new College Football Songbook entry by John Radcliff. I love this shit. Kudos to John, again.

Redemption Video

The gentlemen at The Bastard Sons of Pinfall Marks have a great video posted over there. Credit goes to mzman from the WV Rivals site. I figured I'd link you guys in, as it's a video that makes me happy. Even though the beginning makes me want to fucking throw up. NEVER DOUBT THE MIGHTY!! Even if they are coached by Rich Rodriguez on gameday...

Also, Option Spread over there put together some data to try and figure out if our defense is legit or not. The numbers compiled are telling, and encouraging. FYI, our defense is ranked #6 in total defense, #11 in pass defense, #18 in scoring defense, and #19 in rushing defense (found here). Not too fucking shabby for a team whose defense was STILL called "porous" by ESPN's Top 25 Grid from the past weekend, which has now been removed.

Daily Devastation Double Dip

Since I've had to listen to talk show hosts on Columbus radio all day talk about how the Buckeyes would beat any team in the nation, I take great joy in finding this.

Daily Devastation, England

Devastation at the hands of British cops. Reminds me of a Monty Python sketch actually. I love that movie.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lou Holtz' Lithp's (say that real fast!) Big East Power Poll

1. WVU - Why not? Nobody is better than we are. Our coach just likes to fuck things up once in a while. And honestly, I think he fucks it up more than just once in a while, but we are really that much better than everybody else. I mean, we average about 40 points a game on bubble screens and runs up the cock. The more I think about that, the more I realize just how good we are. I also realize just how much I want to strangle Rich Rodriguez for blowing that fucking USF game.

2. USF - Speaking of these fucking pricks, 8 out of 10 times WVU plays them, we would win. It just so happens those 2 times out of 10 have happened in back to back years. Sour grapes? Likely. Fuck it though, it's my website. Anyway, they have a great defense (obviously) and a pretty good offense (basically Grothe, that mohawk sporting dickweed). I think they probably drop 2 in conference, as they might have gotten too big for their britches, as my grandpa used to say.

3. Cincinnati - I've watched them several times, and their defense is really, really good. The offense isn't spectacular, but it's certainly not bad. I think they have a shot at knocking off USF, WVU, or both. Frankly, I'm glad to see it. This program appeared to be on life support with no fans, media coverage, etc...

4. Louisville - I know, I know, I know, but they still scare me. I have seen nothing that deters me from thinking their offense can't click and drop 100 on somebody. Their defense though, is the most awful thing I've ever witnessed. I hate Louisville, but I really do pity Brohm and their fans. Just a piss poor situation there.

5. UCONN - I'm not sold on them being any good, but they are 5-0, albeit against very suspect competition. Plus, they seem to have good fan support, and I kind of like them. They're like little brothers.

6. Rutgers - "Every day things change, but basically they stay the same". Thank you, Dave Matthews. These asshats got so caught up in their own fucking hype that they've now set their program back another 3 years in its development. They aren't yet doormats, but seem to be looking in that direction. I still think they can be a quality side, but they have some work to do.

7. Syracuse - Well, they just fucking blow, but they get points for beating the Cardinals (though I'm not sure they should).

8. Pitt - If you would have told me that SU and Pitt would be the bottom-feeders of the New Big East, I would have laughed at you. But only out of pure joy. This fucking program is in the shitter, and has no hope to get out. It's difficult to describe just how awful they really are, and now they were purple pants on the road. Oh, Panthers, eat shit and die.

Daily Devastation, Sunday Night

After a weekend in Morgantown, sometimes you get a little fed up with drunk chicks (even if they are cute). Justice, in this case, is served. If you listen to the audio, you'll totally understand how satisfying the devastation truly is.

Perhaps the Largest Pile of Bullshit Ever

Doesn't Snoop look a little sad? Must be from that fucking joke of a loss to Stanford that his beloved USC Trojans just suffered. Well, fear not dear Snoop (best fucking rapper of ALL TIME!!), the pollsters decided it's not that big of a deal to lose at home to a team that is, well, just too fucking horrible for words. I mean it, Stanford is the worst of any BCS doormat. So what price did the Trojans pay for this atrocity against college football? Well, in the coaches poll, they dropped all of 5 fucking spots. Yes, that's five. As in, still ahead of WVU, who lost to the now #5 ranked team in the country, on the road, at night, at the first sellout in the history of that program, their biggest game OF ALL FUCKING TIME, with 6 turnovers, by 8 points. The AP, to its credit, did drop them to 10, right behind WVU at 9, but that poll doesn't count in the BCS. Look, I understand the need for the polls, but we have to come up with some voters that have credibility. I know, as long as we win, it'll work out. But for the love of all that is holy, this is some fucking bullshit. Apparently, Stewart Mandel of CNNSI agrees with me.