Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let Me Get This Straight

Chuck Finder, the writer from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was on the Stateswide Sportsline tonight with Caridi. If you don't know who Finder is, you haven't been paying enough attention. He's the guy that RR and Mike Brown are using to spread the word that WVU is a shithole with lunatic fans.
Anyway, I found most of his dialogue to be complete garbage, and in no way justifiable evidence on which to base a newspaper article. Chuck, however, disagrees and proved it with his article labeling the WVU administration as racists.
When pressed tonight for the proof or the source, Finder admitted that the source is not someone on the search committee. He wouldn't name the person, but basically noted that some guy told Calvin Magee he couldn't get the job because of his skin color. This guy, mind you, has absolutely no say in the decision, and was simply relaying an opinion. Finder had no idea when or where this alleged conversation took place, even giving "the bathroom" or "the airport" as possibilities.
So let me get this straight. Based on some guy telling Calvin Magee that, in his opinion, he didn't think he would get the job because he's black, at an undisclosed time and location, between 1 and 5 pm on a Sunday, CHUCK FINDER WRITES AN ARTICLE CLAIMING THAT WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY HAS A RACIST ADMINISTRATION?!?!
He also said tonight that an unidentified coach, Mike Locksley if you don't know, told WVU he had no interest in being a token interview at the request of the BCA. That sounds fair to me. Sadly, Finder wrote in the article that the same unidentified coach claimed WVU wouldn't hire him because he's black. The written interpretation of what he said on the radio tonight is quite different wouldn't you say?

So here's what it boils down to. Chuck Finder writes an article about rampant racism at WVU based on the twisted words of one coach and some guy telling some other guy what he thought might be the case with zero evidence or information. Wow. That is really and truly sorry of you Chuck. Your role as the mouthpiece of Rich Rodriguez and Mike Brown has never been more clearly exemplified.

And yes, though Tony Caridi wouldn't come right out and tell you, we do use cuss words when referring to your scumbag ass. "That Stupid Bastard Chuck Fucking Finder" is my personal favorite nickname for you. I hope when this all ends, you are exposed as the POS that you are.

You can listen to the sniveling little weasel here.

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