Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Hero

Dear Bill Stewart,

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for so many things. Thank you for being a true Mountaineer. Thank you for being someone I am proud to call a West Virginian. Thank you for handling this with such dignity, class, and professionalism. Thank you for preparing this team and opening up the playbook. Thank you for showing the nation that WVU does not live and die by Rich Rodriguez. Thank you for everything you've done. You will be a West Virginia legend for all of eternity. Most of all, thank you for just being one of US.



Hamilton said...


I am reaching seldom seen highs over this one. I've expected to win for too when I have no expectations and we win I reach I high not seen for years.

Thank you Coach Stewart! And he was so likable after the game.

moore147 said...

Thank you, Coach. I guess you'll get your just rewards at 11 am. You are a true Mountaineer!
Emily, Webster Springs

Neal said...

Let's not forget the smiles on the sideline and positive attitude. Coach Stewart looked like he was having way too much fun over there.

What an excellent way to end an amazing football season, full of downs and ups. Today the whole state of West Virginia is smiling, with a pride those of us who grew up there can certainly understand.