Thursday, November 29, 2007

Field Nazis Lay Down the Warning

Stay off the field. These fucking guys act like the student section is full of suicide bombers or something. They are planning on a large security presence? Well, that's not unexpected. They mention riot gear, police dogs, and pepper spray? If these ignorant assholes didn't beat the ever living fuck out of the student body in 2003, it wouldn't even be a big deal! How many times do you see a field rush on ESPN? EVERY WEEKEND!! We are the only school to bring in assault helicopters and A-10 tank killers to massacre kids that want to celebrate. We had snipers at Mountaineer Field after that VT game. SNIPERS! We have the only cops in the country that put kids in the hospital last time it happened by blinding them with spray then beating them with clubs. AND THEY WERE MANDATED TO DO SO BY THE WVU ADMINISTRATION. It's unreal. It's embarrassing. Fuck you Morgantown cops, West Virginia state troopers, and whoever the admins are that call for this type of action.

Is rushing the field dumb? Sure. Is it worth treating students and fans like a band of rioting thugs for doing shit every other school does? Absolutely not. At least wait until they try to burn the town down. Cops beating kids for being on the field only escalates the situation. I can't believe they're too stupid to realize that. When you fight a student section and unleash police dogs and blast clouds of pepperspray, what do you expect? They will raise hell where the cops aren't, and that's in the streets right after the game. Idiots.

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Beat Visitor said...

I hope you do get a chance to rush the field in Morgantown -- don't go sitting on any 18-point leads like my Scarlet Knights did last night.
The Mountaineers were the only team that dominated the Knights from beginning to end this year, so they should become the National Champs.
But what's up with your cops? At RU, they just lower the goalposts and everyone jumps up and down on the field for a half hour or so. It's no big deal.
Good Luck from