Monday, November 26, 2007

The Hate Has Begun

It's so much fun being a WVU fan in Ohio. Sometimes. Like today for instance. They look down on us. They loathe us. They don't respect us. They never will. I live for this.

You can read any variety of articles about WVU in regards to the national championship game. Some heap praise upon us, while others degrade us. I don't give a damn what either of them says. We are one epic beatdown of Pitt from a national title game appearance, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. God that feels good.

I heard Kirk Herbstreit on the radio quite a lot today. There is some serious spin going on right now in Columbus. The radio hosts here (well, Kirk and Hooley) have concluded that tOSU doesn't want to play for the title. They want to play USC, as that will supposedly get them more respect in the end. Well, I'll tell you what then. You can have the respect. We want the trophy.

We also want the Buckeyes. There is nothing that would make me more happy than to smoke them in a title game. Not to just beat them, but to humiliate them. How much good would that do for those of us that grew up near the Ohio border? It's unfathomable. Playing Mizzou? Fine. Playing tOSU? Glorious.

But just so I don't get ahead of myself, I'm not counting any chickens just yet. Anything can happen, and we have one more to play. This is our time to prove we belong. It's been long enough.


Neal said...

OSU vs. WVU is another one of those natural rivalries that rarely happens. I suspect that's one of the reasons Mountaineer fans want to see this happen. Growing up on the border, it was always about Ohio State. They were right, of course.

Times have changed. There's a lot of people, including some OSU fans that believe WVU could beat Ohio State this year, were they to play.

I like those local rivalries. I wish they still happened more. Unfortunately teams like Penn State, Virginia Tech, et. al have decided to go elsewhere.

jtalberts said...

I would love for Mizzou to lose as well. Everyone talks that WVU isn't in the same league as OSU. I guess they forgot the type of offense that beat them this year. Not a quarterback with a separated shoulder and an injured running back.

I would rather be an underdog. That way when we kick ass, it is a huge story.

J. Johnston said...

I want the Buckeyes. And no, it won't be a story if we kick their ass. Everyone outside the state of Ohio knows that they suck donkey dick. Everyone.